Andrew Lackey 



Over the past 14 years, I've had the enormous pleasure to have worked on many great projects with many wonderful people.

Thinking back on all the awesome places sound has taken me is overwhelming. There have been awards, accolades and timeless blockbusters, but the day-to-day ride of collaborating with passionate people is where I have always found my passion and career satisfaction.

Starting Wabi Sabi Sound in 2008 was a new beginning of sorts. I was compelled to explore the far reaches of what sound can do for media and message. Through Wabi Sabi Sound, I'm offering what I consider my most valuable quality - the desire to dig deep into the heart of the (subject) matter and express it with sound.

Starting from that premise, anything is audible.

Andy with bow Andy in Control Room Andrew Lackey - Wabi Sabi Sound

Geoff Garnett 

GEOFF GARNETT - "The Sound Machine"

Geoff Garnett

Geoff is a creative machine with skillz to the gillz. Fine arts, music composition, photography... you just wouldn't know it 'cause he'd rather tell jokes and make people laugh. Geoff's fine sound design, mixing and voice acting chops can be heard on projects like Spore, Dante's Inferno, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and Dead Space 2. Geoff is a tesla coil of creative energy at Wabi Sabi Sound, and "it's beard inside".

Geoff at the Keys Geoff at the Mic Geoff Recording

Damian Sol 8-Bit 

DAMIAN SOL - "The Melodist"

Damian Sol

A musician's musician and a gamer's gamer, Damian is a composer/multi-instrumentalist that long ago leapt over the wall of music mastery into pure expression. While otha suckas are calling up string libraries on a MIDI keyboard, Damian is scrawling melodies and chord charts on the staff with a violin in his hand. Can he work a DAW? Uh, yeah, he's got programming chops, so he can darn sure bend a DAW to his creative will. Any project's sonic horizons expand when a guy who boasts Mr. Bungle, Stephane Grappelli and J.S. Bach as his heroes gets involved! What will he do with yours?

Damian getting an early start Damian rockin' Union Square Damian searches for alien sounds on the street